Saturday, August 07, 2004

Links: Restaurants






  • Djerdan (Bosnian) 23-01 65th St. (at 23rd Ave.)

Bergen Beach

Brighton Beach/Coney Island

  • Art-Cafe (Russian) 1005 Brighton Beach Ave
  • Atlantic Grill (Russian) 2602 ave U
  • Atlantic Oceana (Russian) 1029 Brighton Beach Ave bet Brighton 11th and 12th Sts
  • Cafe Arbat (Russian) 306 Brighton Beach Avenue at 2nd Street
  • Cafe Glechik (Russian) 3159 Coney Island Ave bet Brighton Beach and Oceanview Aves
  • Café Paris (Russian) 3178 Coney Island Ave
  • Cafe Saint Petersburg (Russian) 223 Brighton Beach Avenue (Brighton 1st & Brighton 2nd
  • Cafe Shish-Kebab (Russian) 414 Brighton Beach Ave (Brighton 4th and 5th Sts)
  • Eastern Feast (Russian) 1003 Brighton Beach Ave (at Coney Island Ave)
  • Gina's Cafe (Russian) 409 Brighton Beach Avenue
  • Mimino (Russian) 1111 Brighton Beach Ave (Brighton 13th and 14th Sts)
  • Moscow Café (Russian) 3152 Brighton Sixth Street (on the Boardwalk)
  • National (Russian) 273 Brighton Beach Ave (at Brighton 2nd St)
  • Ocea'n View Cafe (Russian) 290 Brighton Beach Ave (at Brighton 3rd St)
  • Odessa (Russian) 1113 Brighton Beach Ave (Brighton 14th St and Seacoast Terr)
  • Papaheyo (Russian) Brighton Beach Avenue (Brighton 7th St. & Coney Island Ave)
  • Pastorale (Russian) 410 Brighton Beach Ave
  • Primorski (Russian) 282 Brighton Beach Avenue
  • Rasputin (Russian) 2670 Coney Island Ave (at Ave X)
  • Red Square (Russian) 2402 Coney Island Ave.
  • Riviera Grill Sushi (Russian) 3100 Ocean Pkwy
  • Rossiya (Russian) 532 Neptune Ave
  • Spoon (Russian) 615 Brighton Beach Ave
  • Tatiana (Russian) 3152 Brighton 6th St (at the Boardwalk)
  • Tatiana Grill (Russian) Boardwalk at Brighton 4th St
  • Varenichnaya (Russian) 3086 Brighton 2nd St (Brighton Beach Ave and Bridgewater Court)
  • Volna Restaurant (Russian) 3145 Brighton Fourth Street (on the Boardwalk)
  • Wintergarden (Russian) 3152 Brighton Sixth Street (at the Boardwalk)


  • Teresa’s (Polish) 80 Montague Street at Hicks Street


  • Anyway Cafe (Russian) 1602 Gravesend Neck Road
  • Elrisha (Russian) 2364 McDonald Ave (Gravesend Neck Rd & Villa)
  • Obzhora (Russian) 1715 Kings Hwy
  • XO (Russian) 906 Kings Hwy


Manhattan Beach

  • Anyway Cafe (Russian) 111 Oriental Blvd. (at West End Ave)

Sheepshead Bay

  • W (Russian) 2812 Ocean Ave. at Avenue X

Sunset Park


  • Kasia’s Restaurant (Polish) 146 Bedford Avenue between North 6th and 7th
  • Radegast Hall & Biergarten 113 N. 3rd Street
  • Raymond's Place (Polish) 124 Bedford Avenue
  • S&B Restaurant (Polish) 194 Bedford Avenue at North 9th


East Village

Midtown East

Midtown West

Murray Hill


  • Pravda 281 Lafayette Street (near Prince Street)


Upper West Side





  • Bosna Express 791 Fairview Ave
  • Kredens (Polish) 66-36 Fresh Pond Rd.



Unknown said...

Are there any Belarusian Restaurants in New York?

Anonymous said...

Surely! Place "Syabry" ("friends" in belarusan language) serves all range of belarusan food, from "draniki" (potatoe pancakes) to "kampot" (homemade fruit drink).

Address 906 Kings Hwy, Brooklyn, NY 11223
Phone 1-718-645-2299

"Smachna esci!" (Bon apetite in belarusan) =)

Isabel said...

Though you would to know that Polska Restaurant is now Karczma, serving traditional rustic Polish cuisine.

Faizan Afzal said... find best mealpoints in united states.

Unknown said...

Belarusian Xata