Thursday, August 10, 2006

Little Veselka

Lately it's become common to witness the closure of a Slavic restaurant in the East Village (Leshko's, Kiev...) but it's a rarity to see a new one open. But yesterday that's just what happened as Veselka opened a satellite on First Avenue at Houston Street near the entrance to the F train.

With Extending New York's Borscht Belt, Jaunted reports that Little Veselka (75 First Street) is "much glassier than precursor Le Kiosk ever was, with plenty of aluminum accents, as is the style these days." The menu seems similar to that of Veselka itself, but Jaunted went nuts for the to-go borscht. Eater's EaterWire: East Village Edition decided the menu was more expensive than need be. Regardless, a new Slavic eatery in the East Village is worthy of a bit of buzz.

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