Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Golod wraps up in Queens

The Russian reality TV show Golod (Hunger) finished its second season in Queens on 20 November with Katja Nemova, a 24 year-old office manager from Samara, Russia, taking home the grand prize of a $2000 monthly “pension” for life.

In an interview after the announcement, Nemova said that the show had led her to discover that she wants to be a photographer and now intends to go to school in that field.

Asked if she would recommend a stint on a reality TV show having experienced it herself, she said, “if there will be a Golod 3, I would drive all of my friends to the casting call myself! Go, go, I would be so happy if you would do it!”

The New York season of Golod began on 7 August, with the contestants living at Silvercup Studios, “where the last season of Sex and the City was filmed. But in Golod, there was no sex, and romantic liaisons quickly broke up,”
NRS commented. Golod ended with Nemova being named the winner on 20 November.

Meanwhile, another Golod contestant, Natal’ja Rubcova made news last week by appearing in the December issue of the Russian edition of Playboy magazine (NRS: Golod – no old maid, a Playboy model). According to Rubcova, age 21. the photo shoot was the fulfillment of a dream from her childhood.

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