Monday, November 21, 2005

Infused Vodka Bar Crawl

New York Magazine recently published an internet-exclusive, Bar Buzz: An Infused Vodka Bar Crawl. The bar crawl in the article is led by a true master, John Rose, author of the Vodka Cookbook. Who better to guide us through the city's best Russian bars?

Rose leads us first to
Uncle Vanya (315 West 54th Street at Eighth Avenue), then to the near-by Russian Vodka Room (265 West 52nd Street between Eighth Avenue and Broadway) and finally to Anyway Cafe (34 East 2nd Street at Second Ave) way down in the East Village.

Though not on the bar crawl, a sidebar points out that something similar to Rose's Spirited Hot Chocolate is served in Greenpoint at
CoC66 (66 Greenpoint Avenue between Franklin and West Streets), and that Savalas (285 Bedford Avenue between Grand and South First Streets) has come up with...Oreo vodka: "Wrap 6 bags of double-stuffed Oreos in a cheesecloth and steep it in 4.5 liters of vodka for four days."

The artice also features a number of Rose's vodka recipies you can try at home:

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