Monday, February 06, 2006

Eugene Hutz in Index Magazine

The latest issue of Index magazine features Slav of New York Eugene Hutz interviewed by Bruce Labruce. Though the interview was held at Cafe Mogador on St. Mark's Place, Hutz's old haunt of Mehanata is the first topic of discussion. Hutz explains how he got involved with Mehanata:

"Right around the time I moved to New York, I threw a party for my birthday there. Massive chaos and destruction took place that night — half the tables were broken by the end of the evening. I thought it was the first and last time I would ever be allowed in the place, but at the end of the night the owner came over to me and said, 'Do you want to do this here every week?'"

Among the pearls of wisdom emerging from the interview is Bruce Labruce's statement that "...the word punk comes from jailhouse slang for someone who is fucked up the ass." Who knew?

Take a look at the interview for Hutz's opinions on other topics ranging from Nikolaj Gogol to Everything is Illuminated to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

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