Thursday, February 02, 2006

Not Quite Slavs of New York: Finns of Sunset Park

Recently, Slavs of New York noticed that we were linked up to Doughboy, a blog in Finnish. The kids over at Doughboy explained that the site is a Finnish-American food blog run out of Helsinki with occasional posts from New York.

Anna from Doughboy explains that Slavs of New York figured into
Suomi, Puola, Ukraina ja muut pohjoismaat because “after WWII, the Finnish community in Sunset Park, Brooklyn has slowly ceased to exist. Thus, for a homesick Finn, Greenpoint in Brooklyn is the next best thing after catching a Finnair flight from JFK to Helsinki, because Finland and Poland share many food traditions. Our blog entry talks about Polish restaurants in Greenpoint, and gives two recipes of dishes that we have tasted while visiting Warsaw (bigos and cheesecake). We still cook those frequently at home.

So Finns aren’t exactly Slavs of New York themselves, but apparently they like the same food. Who knew?

(Photo from: Doughboy)

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