Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Friday: Slavic Soul Party at Mehanata?

Monday’s post on Mehanata certainly stirred up quite a bit of interest, and a few more details have turned. First up, Gawker ran a post called Ariel Kaminer Kills the Bulgarian Bar Monday, alleging dreaded the Sports Illustrated Cover Curse is at play.

And then in
Bulgarian Bar closes in yesterday’s Metro, we read that no one bothered to tell Slavic Soul Party that their gig this Friday night at Mehanata is probably not going to happen. Matt Moran told Metro, “What I know at the moment is that it’s closed now, but that they’re trying to open by this weekend.”

The latest rumour is that the bar hasn't actually been shut down yet to make way for the Ramada (though that's definitely in the cards), but that they may just have been shut down now for a fire-code violation or something relatively minor. Slavic Soul Party hasn't cancelled yet, though, so if you were planning on checking out the show, call ahead first: 212-625-0981.

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