Monday, July 10, 2006

Hütz to the Rescue

Last month the Village Voice profiled Gogol Bordell's Eugene Hütz in Tricia Romano's Hütz to the Rescue. The review kicks off by offering Hütz as the solution to "the lame state of New York nightlife," and the praise just goes up from there.

Hütz has been travelling the world lately looking for new sounds and new performers, from Russia to Morocco. "I get in a car with my Ukrainian guide and basically drive to certain locations just to meet these people because they live in such isolation. A lot of the wild kids, they don't even know they are gypsies. They don't know what the fuck happened to them and why they are there. But what they do artistically is uncomparable to anything." Some will show up this fall at the second annual New York Gypsy Festival.

The profile also included a photo gallery, Curing your various ills via super Hützness, with some great shots of Gogol Bordello in action.

(Photo: Tricia Romano for the Village Voice)

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Estavisti said...

Hütz was great last Wednesday and Thursday here in London, we're just waiting for him to get his ass back here later this year! :D