Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Serbs shine in Brooklyn water polo team

Earlier this week, the New York Times highlighted the water polo team of St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, made up of three Americans, one Israeli, three Hungarians and eight Serbs.

The team has been wildly successful despite the fact that its Hungarians and Serbs were recruited without ever having met the coaches before showing up at JFK.

Stepan Gencic, a freshman from Belgrade, told the Times, “Everybody knows ‘that college which has eight Serbians,’ Most of them don’t know the name of the college; they just know that there is a good water polo team.”

Nemanja Pucarevic, a senior from Belgrade pointed out that Serbs may have had a rough time of it in recent years, but can take pride in sports. "Someone like Novak Djokovic, who played at the U.S. Open, he makes the country proud.”

Photo: Joshua Robinson for the New York Times

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