Sunday, March 02, 2008

Local reactions to Kosovo independence

The declaration of independence by Kosovo on 17 February has sparked interest and concern on the part of many Slavs of New York, not the least of which local Serbs.

On 19 February, Columbia University's Morningside Post ran Jackie Carpenter's "Independence Day for Kosovars in New York," documenting the celebrations in Times Square in support of the move.

The flip side showed up a few days later. The New York Times on 24 February ran an article, "Upheaval Over Kosovo’s Independence Echoes in a New York Enclave" by Anthony Ramierez, which features reactions by Serbs in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens.

Down the Jersey Shore, the Press of Atlantic City ran Amy Kuperinsky's "
Independent Kosovo splits expatriates living in area" on 2 March.

And video from WNBC 4 of local Serbs (and Bosnians) at Stari Most in Astoria can be seen on the
restaurant's website.

Below are photos from Sunday's protest near the United Nations.

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