Saturday, January 09, 2010

Czechs and Slovaks in New York

The excellent New York blog Bowery Boys ran a post on Friday about Bohemian Hall in Astoria, 100 Years Ago: Beer, tradition and the new Bohemians, as part of a series on old New York nightlife haunts. Bohemian Hall, celebrating its centennial this year, certainly fits the bill. The post also includes good information on the history of the Czechs in New York.

Since Bowery Boys was gracious enough to advise checking Slavs of New York for more info on the city's Czechs and Slovaks, we figured we would make it easier for readers and give the key links:

Some background:
And some more history:
And a walking tour of Manhattan's Yorkville, just in case:


JVM said...

Those of you interested in Czech and Slovak Culture in NYC should check out these places too-

Zlata Praha Restaurant

Koliba Restaurant -

Club 21 (Slovak Bar/Restaurant) -

Slovak-Czech Varieties(Czech/Slovak Importer) -

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