Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another Cevapdzinica opens in Queens

The Village Voice recently reviewed Bosna Express, a new cevapdzinica in Long Island city. A cevapdzinica is a restaurant that serves Balkan food, but focuses on cevapci, a traditional sausage plate.

Read Robert Seitsema's "Leapin' Lepinja" at,sietsema,66401,19.html

  • Bosna Express31-29 12th St., Long Island City, Qns718-932-5577
Also check out:
  • Cevabdzinica Sarajevo Restaurant 37-18 34th Ave., Astoria718-752-9528
  • Djerdan221 W. 38th St.between Seventh and Eighth Aves., Manhattan212-921-1183
  • Djerdan23-01 65th St., at 23rd Ave., Brooklyn 718-336-9880
  • Djerdan 34-04A 31st Ave.between 35th and 34th Sts., Astoria718-721-2694


Katja R. said...

I reasd about that cevapi place a long time ago and am very glad it remains in business! Looks like in New York there's enough Bosnians to make 1 chain restaraunt!

Anonymous said...

cevapi: m.n.j.a.m! there are no better cevapi than in Bosnia! I ate the best cevapi in very small Bosnian town Zepce (I did not expect that they will be better than in let say Sarajevo or Tuzla)...

ps. letter to the editor, it is spelled cevabzinica (even the food is cevapi)...

Anonymous said...

I have an au pair from Bosnia, does anyone know if I can have this shipped from NY? Please email me at