Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Legacy of Faith

The film "Legacy of Faith - The Story of St. Nicholas Church - 10th Street" premiered in late 2003, and had a run at City Cinemas Village East Theater on 2nd Avenue and East 12th last November.

"Legacy" focuses on the community
based at the imposing landmark church on the corner of Avenue A and East 10th Street in the East Village, the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas. The church was founded in 1925 by a group of immigrants drawn primarily from the Rusyn (a.k.a. "Carpatho-Russian") region in what is today eastern Slovakia.

VHS and DVD copies can be ordered for $25.00 plus S&h at

More info and an interview with the film's director, Joanne Medvecky, can be found in the Nov. 26 - Dec. 02, 2004 issue of Downtown Express.

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