Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hunger in Queens

Via Gothamist, Slavs of New York has discovered that the Russian reality TV show Golod (Hunger) is going on right now in New York. The show started on 7 August after a successful first season set in Berlin.

From the website: "13 blindfolded people were taken from Russia. They must survive 146 days in a foreign city - with no money, no food and not knowing the language. Help is waiting for them, but they must fight for it: the winner of the show will receive $2000 each month for the rest of their life."

The website also lists the rules: "Each week two participants will go out into the city to get food and money. They can do anything to get it and they can return to the house whenever they want. But while they are out looking for food, no one else will be allowed out of the house. Every other week, two participants will fly to Moscow. Here, on live TV, they will fight a verbal duel. From the results of viewers' voting, one of them will leave the show and the other returns to the house."

Gothamist: Going Hungry for Russian Reality TV

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