Monday, October 23, 2006

Russian Tea Room Reopening

Sunday’s New York Times featured a bit of background on the soon-to-reopen Russian Tea Room, Recreating the Sizzle, Going Easy on the Butter.

The Manhattan classic will reopen on 1 November at its old digs at 150 West 57 between Sixth and Seventh Avenues after a four year lapse. Former members of the Russian Imperial Ballet opened the original Russian Tea Room opened in 1926 at the same location.

Florence Fabricant’s
Tea Room Coming Back from the 4 October issue of The New York Times has all the details of the new owners.

“When the Russian Tea Room closed four years ago, diners may have wondered if they would ever again see the restaurant’s over-the-top décor, the 15-foot acrylic juggling bear that doubled as an aquarium, the gold-hued Fabergé egg, the red banquettes.” Turns out they will. Most of the familiar details have been restored.

What will be a bit different is the menu, courtesy of Gary Robins (formerly of Chelsea’s Biltmore Room). Much of the menu will be lighter reinterpretations of traditional Russian fare.
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(Photo: Ruby Washington for The New York Times)

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Anonymous said...

Disappointed not to see chicken kiev on menu - a much recalled experience of the crisp golden morsel expertly sliced into by an attentive waiter who knew just how to carefully deflect that spurt of butter.